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Tree Service FAQ

My tree is very tall, how will you reach so high?

We have a custom built rear-mount 65 foot bucket truck that can access many trees. If needed, we will climb your tree using safety equipment designed specifically for the tree industry. If we need to drive the bucket truck onto your yard because a tree is unsafe to climb, we use ground protection mats to prevent causing ruts or other damage. When you contact us we will discuss the specific method of access best suited for your project.

When you remove limbs on my tree how will you safely get them down?

We will remove your trees or limbs carefully, dismantling them piece by piece. We lower the cut limbs on ropes in a controlled manner. They are then moved to a woodchipper and turned into chips and given away for landscaping and gardening. 

Are you licensed and do you have insurance that will protect me when you work on my property?

Yes. We carry two million dollars of general liability insurance coverage, as well as workers compensation and coverage for our vehicles and equipment. We are licensed arborists with the City of Lawrence.

Does trimming and removal included hauling away the branches and wood?

Yes. Cleanup, loading, hauling, and disposal of all resulting debris will be included. 

What happens to the stump after my tree has been cut down?

We grind the stump with our self propelled stump grinder, and haul away the grindings. This way the area can be used. Grass or another tree can be planted. Stump grinding is included free of charge with all tree removals.

What is the best time of year to trim my tree?

Most tree pruning can be done year round. It is beneficial to remove dead branches at any time. Small amounts of living material can also safely be removed year round from most species. Your tree usually does not need large amounts of live branches removed, which is generally harmful to trees. However if this needs to be done, to clear the tree away from your house for example, it is best to do it during the time of year that your tree is dormant, between November 1st and March 1st. It is important to do all trimming of live branches on American Elms and mature oak trees during the dormant season, to prevent the spread of diseases which affect these species.

What do you do with the wood from tree removals?

We give the wood away to local people who heat their homes with firewood. Should you choose to keep the wood to burn yourself, we will loan you our log splitter so you can process the wood. If the logs are useable as lumber, we give them to a local craftsman who turns them into beautiful furniture. If you would like to utilize the wood yourself, we will deliver free of charge it to a sawyer of your choosing to be milled.