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At Kansas Tree Care we pride ourselves in providing top quality professional tree care services at the best possible price. To get a free estimate use the above form, call 785-843-TREE, (8733) or email Cuinn@KansasTreeCare.com. We will contact you within 24 hours. Please let us know if you have a tree emergency and we will respond immediately. Thank you for visiting.


Certified by Kansas Arborist Association since 1997,  lots of local references, licensed, insured, 20+ years experience.


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Tree Trimming: Done the right way, without spikes. Climbing spikes, or "spurs", puncture tree bark causing wounds which are an open invitation for insect and disease infestation. They should only be used on trees which are being completely removed. Aside from the obvious danger of the puncture wounds, someone using spikes to trim a tree is not likely to have the skill to properly assess tree health, select or make correct pruning cuts, or identify and safely remove diseased and damaged limbs. Our customers often tell us that they are amazed at how gorgeous their "old trees" are after we are through with them. There is absolutely nothing that can replace a mature, well-cared for tree in your landscape.

Tree Removal: The wonderful benefits that trees provide do not come without risk. When the owner of a tree determines that the risk of injury or property damage is too great,  it is time for the tree to be safely removed. There are many reasons to remove a tree, including poor location, storm damage, and disease. A qualified, experienced, and insured professional should always be used to insure that the work is performed in a safe, controlled manner. All removals include full cleanup, including removal of the stump. We also provide free consultation concerning proper tree species for replacement.

Brush Chipping: We can turn your pile of branches into useable mulch, or chip and haul away the whole mess.

Stump Grinding: Make that old stump disappear. Our powerful self propelled grinder can reach virtually anywhere in your yard with out any damage to your lawn.

In addition to Lawrence we serve areas in Eastern Kansas including: Douglas, Wyandotte, and Johnson Counties as well as Topeka, Shawnee, Olathe, Eudora, Tonganoxie, Bonner Springs, and Desoto.